Holistic approach for door & window solutions

by Media Xpose

Since 2012, we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying world-class door and window solutions for the new-build and renovation construction projects across South Africa and beyond. We are the only full-service quality aluminium company able to undertake all aspects of your project inhouse. Our complete range of windows and doors covers every price point, from entry-level to high-end European Systems, and is backed by technical expertise and exceptional aftersales service.

Our extensive stockholding of components, spares and aluminium profiles, enables us to offer minimal lead times, while manufacturing locations in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal mean that your dream windows and doors are now closer than ever. By any measure – security, style thermal management and lasting quality – Advance Fenestration offers the finest windows and doors you can install in your property. Residential or commercial, bespoke or large-scale, trust Advance Fenestration to be clearly different – and distinctly better.

Through all our projects we offer our clients a holistic approach to their project with steps that include:


-Reviewing the client project and working on design ideas and limitation options hand in hand with the client and their architect or builder


-Using the optimized analysis gathered with the client to do a project costing based on the client needs and budget


-After client approval of pricing, design and measurements taken the manufacturing process of the project starts. With top class manufacturing and quality controls in place the client is ensured of an excellent product for their project.


-Spear headed by our project management team each installation is run by a highly trained group of installers overseen by one of our project managers who each hold multiple years of experience within the industry.

-Final snagging and sign off to client approval ensuring a successful project is finished hand in hand with the client.

Our custom systems offering includes:

• European Systems Range

– Designed in Europe to demanding architectural specifications, manufactured and extruded locally in South Africa to reduce lead times. By using higher grade aluminium, our European Systems Range of aluminium windows and doors can support wider and taller panels, carrying heavier weights. With larger apertures and heavier panes of glass, the architectural possibilities are endless.

Frameless Systems Range

-Our Frameless Range offers a contemporary look and feel, and allows improved views while letting in more light. Frameless elements from Advance Fenestration can be customized to meet any project requirement. From glass only designs, balustrades, stacking doors and sliding doors, the frameless possibilities are endless.

Standard Systems Range

-Designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial construction projects. Our Standard Range is locally sourced and manufactured using quality Wispeco-style extrusions with top quality mechanisms.

Affordable Systems Range

-Our Affordable Range offers exceptional value for large-scale construction projects without compromising on quality. Multiple configurations are available to meet the needs of the affordable and bulk building sector with specialist applications including student accommodation.

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