by Tia

Your home is a reflection of your personality and style. That’s a space where you find comfort and peace. While the architecture and layout of your house play a vital role, the finishing touches are the ones that truly transform a house and give it a homely feel.

Beautiful pieces are the finishing strokes on the canvas of your living space, adding and displaying your true character, then the warmth of the home. We are exploring the art of finishing off your home with pieces that absolutely enhance a home on a steady budget.

We can’t dismiss the power of art and how it’s one of the most compelling ways to finish off your home. Whether it’s paintings, sculptures, or photography, can your home have a piece that tells a story- your story. To sit and look at it on a relaxed day and let your soul and spirit wander away.

Whilst on that, we can’t hide the power of lighting. How is the natural lighting even coming in through your home? Lighting matters, it changes moods and gives vibrance and energy to souls. Lighting changes the ambiance of a home. Chandeliers, pendant lights, and statement lamps can all contribute to the overall aesthetic. Choose lights that spark your soul and light up your inside as well, not just the house.

Beautiful lights paired with beautiful mirrors and personal collections. This is your time to do your décor your way, no rules to it. Rebel it. That’s your house. You can do this your unique way. Display your favorite books, maybe in the same color cover or magazines. Most people dedicate a space on their shelves just for this and are intentional about it. Try it.

Add a personal touch to your space and zone in your cave, sharing your interests with your visitors without saying much. Happy homes!!!

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