Why are acoustic partitions a MUST for any conference facility

by Media Xpose

Just hearing the word ‘divider’ or ‘partition,’ and you can’t help but think of makeshift cubicles, flimsy screens on rollers at hospitals or those miserable-looking panels that languish in old buildings. Then again, the room divider is one of the greatest tools you have today to help redefine indoor spaces, plus it can be added with the minimum of fuss and effort for that captivating look.

The need for better meeting spaces

Why would you consider getting movable or mobile room dividers?

Rather, let’s ask a different question: why would you settle for your space as is, when you can turn it into what you want (need), when you want and as often as you like?

There are numerous examples of what can be done with movable room dividers. You can segment a part of an open floor space into private meeting areas. A hall can be divided into several spaces for different purposes. Even your home’s layout can be changed as your activities change.

Let’s say you regularly host conferences at your venue. It’s great if one client fills the entire venue, but also very obvious, when they don’t. Why turn away business just because it does not meet your capacity? By using movable room dividers, you can create the right degree of atmosphere, comfort, and professionalism. You can also use Mobile Acoustic Partitions to create several spaces within a space for multiple, unrelated events that won’t drone each other out. Important here, is not just managing space but sound too!

Choosing the correct movable partitions

But aren’t movable dividers ugly and cumbersome, not to mention hugely expensive? Not at all. In fact, the range of choice you have is staggering.

Room dividers are tall, rectangular panels that can be slide out of view for use later. You can get standalone dividers that are not connected to the room and can be moved around on any flat surface. For a more permanent solution, tracks can be installed in the ceiling to guide the panels into place. Some options also use floor tracks, but it’s important to know that this isn’t standard: you have a number of options on how partitions can be installed.

Modern room partitions can look great. Install panels in wood finishes, with custom-printed designs or create the classy look with glass or mirrors. Alternatively add additional privacy by acoustically treating individual panels. Conference facility acoustic partitions!  That means they will create a room that keeps noise out and conversations in.

You could have the meeting room in the corner or in the centre of your floor: you can even choose a different layout for a different day. The individual top-hung elements are pushed manually and glide with ease.

The perks of good dividers

Owners of meeting and conference facilities may feel left out since such spaces are hardly ever a standard size. Not to worry, these systems can be designed in various dimensions: the Variflex® Mobile Acoustic Partitions installed by Aluglass Bautech at the Durban International Conference Centre are over 10 meters high – and simply moved by one person. The Cape Town Film Studios is over 12 meters high and glide across the room as seen in the video below. Having custom designed, manufactured and installed our acoustic partition system in most large Convention Centres across Southern Africa, you can rest assured, your acoustic requirements and specifications will be met.

Acoustically treating a room, allows you to split a room into separate and unrelated spaces. So more than one client can use the space and conduct their meetings without hearing what is happening right next to them in the same hall. For conference facilities such dividers create a competitive edge, a wide range of possibilities and happy customers.

Meeting facilities can meanwhile be reimagined entirely, and dividers are a major boon – especially with all the new trends. An open space can be transformed into a series of offices and meeting spaces, and right back to the open area in a very short time. Movable room dividers make your facility dynamic, interesting and fit for purpose.

Below a summary of advantages, why mobile acoustic partitions are a MUST in any conference or meeting facility:

  • Sound control: Conference centres usually host multiple events at the same time, and acoustic partitions can help prevent sound interference between adjacent rooms. The partitions can reduce noise transmission and ensure that each event can take place without disruption.
  • Flexibility: Acoustic partitions can provide flexibility to the conference centre, allowing them to create different sized rooms as per the requirement of the event. These partitions can be easily reconfigured or removed to create the desired size of the room.
  • Improved acoustics: The partitions can help improve the acoustics within a room by reducing echo and improving speech intelligibility. This is especially important in large conference centres, where sound quality can be compromised due to the size of the room.
  • Privacy: Acoustic partitions can help ensure privacy between adjacent rooms, especially in situations where confidential or sensitive information is being discussed.
  • Functionality: Overall, the use of acoustic partitions can enhance the overall functionality of a conference centre, providing a better experience for both event organizers and attendees.

Don’t let your spaces languish in the rigidity of the past. Find out how mobile acoustic partitions can change your conference and meeting environment and improve your business. Here are some more Conference Room Design Ideas & Trends for 2023 (https://www.dgicommunications.com/conference-room-design-trends/ courtesy of DGI Communications).

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