The Olfa Pink an 18 mm Heavy Duty Cutter with Auto Lock and stronger industrial black snap off blades

by Justin

Good for flooring, drywall, roofing repair or replacement. Cuts carpeting, linoleum, roofing shingles and more. CTR L7-AL-COL 12 PINK

Olfa the most trusted leading brand in the world for cutters and knives, introduced their PINK, range adding a new look to their famous Olfa corporate colour yellow which has a long history, it comes from the colour of the yolk of an egg, selected by the Olfa founder himself so it can be quickly recognized in a toolbox.  All this is a true story about the Olfa cutters and is why the distinctive egg yolk yellow is the major colour that dominates their huge cutter range today. Olfa’s famous founder also invented and created the innovative snap off blades.

The pink addition is now standard on this new Olfa 18 mm heavy duty cutter complete with auto lock and the black 18 mm ultra-sharp snap off blades. If one looks closely at the UltraSharp OLFA® blades, you will clearly see the sharpness of their edges. But you will not fully appreciate their precision until you use them. These blades are ideal for cutting construction materials including drywall, linoleum, carpet, flooring, insulation, conduit, and roofing materials. (LBB-50B) The new Pink comes equipped with this snap off blade, heavy duty handle and auto lock

For more information on the Olfa products and to view the range go to the Vermont Sales web site and look for Olfa.  Olfa is available from all leading supplier’s country wide, to find out who your nearest supplier is or for more information call Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711. 

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