The new Triflex HX2: The most powerful vacuum cleaner from Miele

by Media Xpose

This month, Miele South Africa is set to launch the much anticipated Triflex HX2, which brings together the unique flexibility of its popular HX1 predecessor with further increased suction power and improved user convenience.

05 June 2023, Johannesburg: Like its predecessor, the Triflex HX2 is a veritable allrounder, whether you are after a ‘regular’ vacuum cleaner or handstick for difficult-to-access places. Thanks to the patented 3-in-1 design, the PowerUnit, which comprises a motor assembly, a rechargeable battery, and a dust box, can be reconfigured in just a few seconds.

3-in-1 Configuration

Sicelo Champion, from Miele South Africa, explains: “If the PowerUnit is fitted at the top, the unit lends itself to vacuuming under furniture or along the ceiling. When fitted close to the floor, the centre of gravity shifts – providing the perfect balance for vacuuming large areas without experiencing fatigue. In this configuration, the Triflex can also stand unsupported and upright – which is practical for short breaks when the phone rings or food must be removed from the hob for example. In solo mode, the PowerUnit is ideal for removing crumbs from the breakfast table or cleaning the car.”

Improved performance

The clearly improved cleaning performance of the Triflex HX2 is attributable to the new Digital Efficiency motor, which has been specifically developed and produced at Miele’s Euskirchen plant in Germany. Boasting an increased performance of up to 60%, the first-class cleaning performance of the Triflex HX2 results from the interplay between the new motor, the proven and particularly effective mono-cyclone design (Vortex Technology), and the high-performance Multi Floor XXL electrobrush.

Says Sicelo: “The rotating brush, linked with its intelligent detection of floor coverings, reduces rotational speed on hard floors, thereby saving energy and prolonging battery charge. The motor on the Triflex HX2 is also intelligent, and the motor power will automatically increase or reduce, depending on the type of flooring detected.”

He says that the HX2 is powered by a lithium-ion battery from the German premium manufacturer, Varta, and comprises seven high-performance cells: “As a result, the HX2 Triflex boasts an impressive battery life of up to 60 minutes which, depending on the model, can be extended to as much as 120 minutes by using the second rechargeable battery provided.”

Highly efficient HEPA filtration

The Triflex HX2 models are equipped with a HEPA lifetime filter that retains up to 99.999% of all particles and can reliably filter out allergens. Sicelo notes that convenient filter cleaning in-between times is assured by the new ComfortClean function: “Just a few turns of the filter lid is sufficient to shake dirt particles into the container. This ensures that the high-level suction power of the unit remains constant. Manual cleaning of the fine dust filter is only required approximately once every three months. When emptying the dust container, dust is released at the touch of a button without any physical contact with its contents, using Twist2open technology, which makes the process quick, easy and hygienic.”

Other notable features

The accessory holder is a brand new feature, notes Sicelo: “It holds the upholstery nozzle, the crevice nozzle, and the dusting brush, securely on the suction tube – ensuring that they don’t get lost, and that they are quickly and easily accessible whenever required.” He says that in addition, depending on the model, the electrobrush with its BrilliantLight LED headlight sheds light in even the darkest corners, leaving not a speck of dust undetected.

The Triflex HX2 at a glance

Triflex HX2 Cat&Dog

Features: As per basic model, plus: Multi Floor XXL electrobrush with BrilliantLight; Electro Compact handbrush for upholstery and car seating

Battery life: Up to 60 minutes

Colour: Obsidian black with rose gold

Triflex HX2 Performance

Features: As per basic model, plus: second rechargeable battery; Electro Compact handbrush for upholstery and car seating

Battery life: Up to 2 x 60 minutes

Colour: Cashmere grey with rose gold

Triflex HX2 Pro

Features: As with basic model, plus: Second rechargeable battery and separate charging cradle; Multi Floor XXL electrobrush with BrilliantLight; Hardfloor Care Tool for the particularly gentle cleaning of hard floors

Battery life: Up to 2 x 60 minutes

Colour: Infinity grey pearl finish

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