Revealed: Seven interior design trends for 2023

by Media Xpose

Interior design is an ever-changing subject, and as trends come and go, it’s sometimes tough to keep up.

A leading UK-based wallpaper designer and producer has researched and proposed a list of trends which are predicted to increase in popularity during 2023, and which they say can help you spice up your decor project and keep in touch with all the latest styles.

Brighter is better

A house is not a home without that cozy feeling, and to reach that goal would be to make the most of the natural light. However, not everyone is blessed with large windows and exposure to the sun. Therefore, in the upcoming season the focus is all on chandeliers and lamps.

There is no wrong way to choose a pendant, however what is predicted to be in trend this winter are oversized and noticeable ones. Choosing a large chandelier might be scary and it is not for everyone, but this might be a right time to take a leap of faith or overcome the fear of not being able to pull off such a piece of furniture.

The right colours

If repainting walls and furniture is something on your to-do list, you might want to go in one of two directions: choose natural colours of mellow and tranquil blues and greens, with an addition of soft pinks and lavender. To finish off, you’ll find that soft gold trims are what’s missing! <a thought – can we use one of the Plascon pics?>

This prediction is backed by wallpaper specialist Hovia’s latest sales data regarding the most popular colours on their website ( The data harvested from sales data reveals how buyers started purchasing these specific colours over the past year, strengthening the idea that greens, blues and natural colours have been and will be on trend.

Top 10 best selling colours on Hovia’s website
RankColourNo. of products in colour% on site% of revenue it brings in
5Black and White1116.72%7.35%


A home is becoming more than somewhere we hang our hat. In fact, having a multifunctional home might be the best trend 2023 introduces, along with additions such as movie and game rooms, gyms and saunas, not to mention the home office for remote workers.

To set up such a room might not be as expensive as expected, all you need is a spare room and either some gym equipment, a projector and a sofa, and a gaming console, all things that are found more and more often in a family home.


Straight lines and geometry are out, curves and movement is in! One of the most promising trends of this winter is curves and to achieve this style you won’t need to redo your whole house. In fact, just an arched doorway or a fun and lovely piece of furniture, such as a curved sofa can just do the trick!

Mid-century chic

It’s the return of the 60s and 70s in our living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens! This means wallpaper. The company, Hovia, says it ethically sources the highest quality papers to ensure a vivid print with great definition. Wallpapers are durable and easy to install and may be custom made. The company ships around the world.

Try buying a statement sofa, or an adorned cupboard which will be the star of your room, and pair it with soft colours and sleek curves for a house in perfect 2023 trend style.

Add some texture

Adding character to any room without making it tacky might be tricky, and that’s where marble comes to the rescue. An unexpected texture which is still elegant and smooth, it will catch the eye without being too loud. You can also try and add some pieces that mix different textures and materials!

Nature is in!

Your home can definitely be whatever you would like it to be, so why not a garden? Indoor gardening, plants and more earthy pieces can make your living room feel just like a resort and it’s a 2023 trend that we’ve seen before but that will only grow more and more popular. (Some call it biophilia – Ed.)

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