Quality indoor braais by Thermo Fires

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At Thermo Fires you can find one of the most extensive ranges of locally manufactured indoor and outdoor braais. We are a family-owned, designer and manufacturer of quality and bespoke braais.

Our hottest seller at the moment is our professional range of built-in braais. This range has been designed to have modern, clean lines. When closed, the single door makes a statement, no matter what your design aesthetic is, whether mild steel (black) or brushed stainless steel. When opened but not needed, the door slides neatly out of the way underneath the ashpan but is easily pulled out to be used as a workspace. Our deluxe range incorporates double doors that are closed with turn-knobs to do away with any rattling noises.

Built-in braais

Both ranges are available in five sizes – from 800mm to 1 800mm wide, as well as bespoke sizes. Units larger than 1.2m include a second polished stainless-steel grid that is height-adjustable separately, without having to move the coal maker.

Combination built-in braais

Also available in both ranges, is an extensive range of standard combination braais – a single braai divided in wood-burning and gas sections. Available in 19 sizes and options, as well as bespoke sizes – from 1 200mm to 2 250mm wide, incorporating either a three-, four- or five-burner gas BBQ (also available without the BBQ).

Spit braais

We have three standard size spit braais available in both ranges. Included in the unit you will find a separate spit box, heavy-duty motor and a polished.

Double-sided built-in braais

These braais give you the best of both worlds. Installed in the outer wall of your home – between the inside and outside – you can choose whether to braai indoors or outdoors.

Freestanding braais

The first to manufacture a braai with double-skinned sides to keep the outside cooler to the touch, our freestanding braais are supplied on a closed cabinet, with 2.4m flues, turbo cowl and ceiling plate. This allows the braai to be installed like a freestanding fireplace, getting rid of messy building work, and you’re able to braai within 24 hours. These braais are available in three standard sizes and can also be ordered as a combination or a spit braai.

Outdoor braais

Thermo manufactures a range of mild steel, 3CR12 and 304 stainless steel portable braais, available with or without a coal maker and dust cover.

All braais in any range and style are available in mild steel, 3CR12, 304 stainless steel or a combination of materials, i.e., a mild steel braai with a brushed stainless-steel façade.


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