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More convenient, flexible, energy-efficient and featuring more quality features – Miele’s newly launched K7000 and K4000 range of refrigerators offer best-in-market functionality and good looks.

Johannesburg, 27/02/2023: We all know the story – you open your fridge’s veggie drawer only to find it contains limp lettuce, soft carrots, slimy cucumbers, and mouldy, over-ripe tomatoes. The only choice is to throw them into the bin – what a waste! Did you know that an unimaginable 1,3-billion tonnes of food is thrown away every year?

Leading appliance and refrigerator manufacturer, Miele, has decided to tackle this issue head on, explains Miele’s Jon Molyneax: “At Miele, we believe that to combat this, we need to develop a more conscious approach to how we handle food, and to include an ultra-effective freshness system in our fridges. Which is why PerfectFresh Active technology is a standard new feature on board Miele’s latest built-in K7000 and free-standing K4000 range of refrigerators.”

Introducing Miele’s new PerfectFresh Active technology

Fruit and vegetables need moisture in order to stay fresh and crisp. At temperatures between 0°C and 3°C, Miele’s PerfectFresh Active, provides long-lasting freshness in a visible way by spraying a fine mist onto the contents of the crisper drawer, preserving the quality of the food and its vitamins. This is well-known in professional applications, for example in delicatessens, and it  ensures that food stays fresh for up to five times longer than it would in a conventional vegetable compartment.

Says Jon: “Extended freshness is guaranteed by the perfect combination of a temperature hovering around the freezing point and humidity. Freshness is communicated through the active moisturising system which produces a fine mist of water that settles on the food in the veggie drawer. This also helps to protect the quality and vitamins inherent in the produce being stored. This active system is familiar from commercial applications, similar to the vegetable cooling systems found in supermarkets for example.”

He explains that extra moisture, in the form of mist, is sprayed from the water container above, directly into the drawer every 90 minutes, and every time the door is opened: “Compact and easy to clean, the water container has a capacity of 120ml to hold the small amount of water required. The low temperatures keep any nasty contaminations at bay, meaning that the container only has to be refilled every two to three months.”

Over and above this fantastic innovation – Miele’s two new refrigeration ranges provide a host of other unique features, some of which are highlighted below:

K4000 range of free-standing refrigeration

·      Versatility and design: With FlexiBoard, a sectioned inner shelf, the front part of the glass shelf slides effortlessly under the rear section, and therefore does not need to be stored outside the unit when not in use. This allows large items such as pans and bottles to be stored in the refrigerator in a flash. Additionally, the shelf surfaces in the tank are infinitely and, above all, smoothly adjustable – without the contents toppling over or having to be removed before adjustments are made. The units are also gorgeous aesthetically, featuring high-quality machine fronts made from stainless steel and glass, and join forces with FlexiLight 2.0, to provide uniform, glare-free lighting.

·      Best insulation throughout long life cycle: The Generation K 4000 also plays in the super league when it comes to efficiency – the new fridge-freezer combinations achieve an A rating on the energy label and are hence in the top energy efficiency class. Miele relies on particularly high-end insulation with a core made from silica (silicic acid), a substance of organic origin with good environmental credentials. Thanks to the use of this high-quality insulation material, Miele is guaranteeing high-level energy efficiency throughout the products’ life cycle.

·      Freezing or cooling – according to demand: While summer often finds you pushed for space in the refrigerator for all the fresh food for the next braai, in winter there is little space for storing provisions in the freezer for the cooler months. With the new Freeze&Cool top feature in the K4000 range, the fridge-freezer combination is highly flexible and allows the use of the freezer as a refrigerator compartment. The temperature can either be set to between -25°C and -15°C for freezing food, or, as an extension of the refrigerator compartment, to -2°C to +14°C. Particularly practical for fans of fish and seafood: Optimum storage conditions at -2°C to 0°C. The show-stopper – even foods not normally refrigerated, such as potatoes, citrus fruits and cucumbers, can now be accommodated thanks to flexible temperature settings (either directly at the machine or via the Miele App).

K7000 range of integrated refrigeration

·      LED lighting: A standout feature of Miele’s K7000 refrigeration range is their effective, atmospheric lighting. The current appliances already have LEDs integrated into their glass shelves to create bright, glare-free lighting throughout the interior – and the lighting automatically adjusts itself if a shelf is moved. The FlexiLight 2.0 concept uses “Ambilight” technology to bathe the refrigerator interior in light that is bright, pleasant and even. To achieve this, the LED light strips cover the entire width of the glass shelves. This feature has been specially developed for Miele and it will also be applied to the IceMaker if one is present, elegantly illuminating it and the many large ice cubes it is able to hold. 

·      CleanSteel rear wall: The interior rear wall of some models features an elegant, sturdy CleanSteel finish to help ensure that cooling is distributed evenly within the appliance.

·      Wi-Fi-enabled: All of the K7000 range offers Wi-Fi networking (WiFiConn@ct), which allows for the sending of service notifications to the user’s smartphone or tablet if, for example, the appliance door has been left open inadvertently for example.

Miele –  offering quality ahead of its time!

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