JoJo reports 50% increase in sales of pumps and filters

by Media Xpose

With South Africans facing increasing uncertainty with the supply of basic services such as water and power, JoJo, the country’s leading domestic water solutions company, is reporting a significant rise in sales in pump and filters, showing that ensuring water security has become as important as securing alternative power sources for many South Africans.

As well as the water tanks the company are synonymous with, JoJo offers a wide range of products for water harvesting, storage, pumping and filtration solutions. In particular, they have seen a doubling in purchases of their pumps and filtration systems for both domestic and business purposes over the last year.

“While solar power has probably dominated the conversation around how consumers are looking for solutions to make them less dependent on municipalities and utilities for their basic services, our sales figures are showing that installing water solutions has become a very high priority for many South Africans,” said Sebasti Badenhorst, Executive of sales, marketing and distribution for JoJo.

“Over the last year, we have seen a 50% increase in sales as more consumers are using our water solutions to back-up their municipal supply through integrating our range of products,” said Badenhorst. “This is not only to ensure they have a fall-back for when water supplies are interrupted, but also to cut down on water costs through harvesting rain water.

“We have seen sales of pumps rocket in rural areas, while the sales of JoJo filters have also doubled with consumers increasingly concerned about the quality of water they use to drink and cook.

Many South Africans are moving to take the ‘uncertainty’ out of basic services.”

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