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Throughout 2023,innovation and agility have driven development and expansion at Eva-Last, the global composite building materials manufacturer.

Despite an exceptionally unpredictable and challenging business environment, the company’s global aspirations have progressed rapidly. Companies and consumers were squeezed throughout the year by inflation, rising interest rates and energy prices, political conflict and widespread social unrest. While only the most agile and astute survived, even fewer posted profits.

Eva-Last’s adaptive planning and strategic product development programme ensures continued growth into new and existing markets, with customised product solutions offering the latest technologies to the advanced building materials market worldwide.

The company supplies composite decking, fasteners, cladding, architectural beams, fencing  and railing, as well as indoor flooring to over 30 countries around the world.

Eva-Last’s continued success has been forged primarily by the introduction of various market-leading material technologies throughout the year, boosted by the launch of Eva-Last Americas in early August 2023. The acquisition of Fortress Decking provided direct access to one of the world’s largest composite decking markets – the US and Canada, estimated to be valued at $7.452,52 billion.

Their 44 000 KWh solar-power generation at their factory is utilised in the manufacturing processes for over eleven different eco-friendly composite building products made from recycled plastic combined with renewable resources such as bamboo fibres or stone compounds. These innovative market offerings are engineered for performance, providing attractive, lightweight solutions with reduced input costs, improved maintenance benefits and enhanced environmental credentials.  

And with demand for sustainable, eco-friendly building materials estimated to increase to over $72.5bn in the next five years, Eva-Last’s global growth trajectory is set to surpass expectations. 

The launch of Apex Plus, a glass-fibre reinforced (GFR) decking range in April 2023 – offering extended span capabilities and structural strength – increased the company’s revenue potential granting access to more extensive big-budget commercial projects such as hotels, conference and sports facilities.

What’s more, the international introduction of Pioneer, an advanced reinforced bamboo foamed-PVC composite offering photorealist print technology, is one of Eva-Last’s most significant product launches to date. Leveraging advanced and meticulously crafted technology capable of scanning and reproducing scarce hardwood timbers typically hard to find, Pioneer introduces an unparalleled natural finish within its range, captivating the market with its exceptional authenticity and appeal.

The introduction of two new ranges of TIER’s stone polymer composite (SPC) indoor flooring in July 2023 represents the latest advances in the category. By incorporating a rigid CarbideCore made from patented ground mineral polymer compounds, the TIER Classic and TIER Elements ranges are engineered to outperform in demanding commercial or residential settings. TIER SPC offers a high-performance hybrid between hard ceramics and soft, sound- and water resistant vinyl boards for improved heat resistance with outstanding wear characteristics.

The success of Chain Collated Clips, developed in consultation with contractors and installers to facilitate easier installation, exemplifies the company’s versatility and readiness to collaborate with its stakeholders to improve their market offerings, and further drive profitability.

Regular colour updates, upgrades and improvements to Eva-Last’s bestselling Apex, Infinity and Eva-Tech ranges of low-maintenance deck boards, in line with emerging trends and enhanced features, keep them at the forefront of technological advancement and consumer demand.

What’s more, 2023 has seen a significant uptake of Eva-Last’s sustainable and low-maintenance building products in many noteworthy commercial projects including retail complexes, corporate office parks, large scale buildings, restaurant chains, shared community spaces and residential developments. Most notably, Lifespan architectural beams – which feature a hardwearing hollow-aluminium core coupled with a protective all-weather composite coating – and VistaClad cladding, have been widely favoured in these applications, and for good reason.

“Using VistaClad’s decorative cladding and complementary accessories to affix the sub-frame joists onto the existing exterior surface, we were able to give Burger King Jean Crossing a contemporary feel without major renovations and restructuring,” says Duane Davis of Deckon Projects, the installing contractor on the convenience and versatility of the Eva-Last product. 

As a company, Eva-Last strives for excellence and to epitomise a culture of continuous improvement – developing progressive plans, products and processes to ensure competitiveness and satisfaction for all its stakeholders internationally. 

Watch this the space for the latest developments in 2024!

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