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Security barrier manufacturer Trellidor has three new designs on offer, all developed to offer excellent protection from a range of threats at competitive price points.

Crimes like housebreaking and robbery may be top of mind for most South Africans, but in spite of the fears, they are having to make hard choices about where to spend their money. Load shedding has forced households into buying generators, inverters, and solar panels and the cost of living continues to rise.

At the same time, crimes like housebreaking are increasing and can’t be ignored. This was the motivation for Trellidor engineers to make safety and security more accessible to the wider market, developing new products based on existing designs.

The engineers also considered the change in local lifestyles. Increasingly, people are choosing to live in cluster housing and gated communities. Here, they don’t always need high-end security barriers because they usually have external protection. Threats tend to be more along the lines of opportunistic theft, irritants like mosquitoes, and small animals like snakes and monkeys.

GriffinGuard mesh screens

GriffinGuard is the newest entry into the Trellidor security screen range. It meets the demand for reasonably priced see-through barriers that improve everyday living. The see-through mesh is one of this product’s biggest selling points because the outside view is clearly visible, even when the screens are closed and locked. The aluminium framed design is streamlined and modern, so GriffinGuard screens fit in perfectly with today’s décor styles.

The woven mesh panel block out pests like insects and monkeys and are therefore ideal for eco-estates, homes plagued by baboons, and areas where mosquitoes are a hazard. The mesh provides UV protection, helps to moderate internal temperatures, and stops an opportunistic robbery.

GriffinGuard security screens are ideal for cluster homes, gated communities, apartment blocks, and bush lodges. It’s for anyone that needs something to protect their windows and doors but doesn’t want to look through burglar bars or gates.

Trojan TX expanding gates

The Trojan TX sliding security gate is similar in looks to the trellis-style gates that have always been part of the Trellidor range. The main appeal of this new model is that it is a strong Trellidor security gate at a lower price point than other models in the range.

This gate has a two-point locking system with the choice of slamlock or deadlock. It can be fitted as burglar proofing to windows and doors in sliding or fixed formats. The Trojan TX slides smoothly and easily, stacking neatly to the side in a compact stack.

Trojan Classic

The Trojan Classic safety gate is for homes in areas with a higher crime rate because it has more in-built security features than the Trojan TX. It includes a strong deadlock with a three-point locking system that engages using just one key. An integrated top shroud and a lock stile shroud counter breach attacks using tools like crow bars.

This model is a step up from the Trojan TX in strength and the cost but well within reach of those that need strong, dependable burglar proofing to help prevent house breaking or a home invasion.

Like Trojan TX, Trojan Classic is manufactured in an expanding format for doors and windows and a fixed format for windows. They are typical Trellidor-quality products with attention to ease-of-use details.

“We expect these product innovations to appeal to consumers in different market segments. The Trellidor franchise network of suppliers welcomes enquiries from anyone interested in making an investment in their security, whether its high-end security barriers or contemporary designs that enhance their way of living,” said Bronwyn Littley, Trellidor Marketing Manager.



Bronwyn Littley

Trellidor Marketing Manager

031 508 0800

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