Crafted for retrofit: ALL-DB by Allbro

by Media Xpose

TO BUILD  proudly features Allbro on the cover of this edition. In this Cover Story, they share their revolutionary Domestic Distribution Board range (ALL-DB) with readers, aimed at the retrofit market for backup power installations and renewable energy sources.

Efficient and secure power management

In a remarkable stride towards reshaping the landscape of home power distribution, Allbro has unveiled its groundbreaking innovation; the ALL-DB range of Domestic Distribution Boards.

These boards, essential components in the intricate web of household power distribution, are set to redefine the way we approach renewable and backup power installations in existing homes. With a fusion of cutting-edge technology, safety considerations, and design elegance, ALL-DB charts a new course for efficient and secure power management.

Meticulously crafted for retrofit

Traditionally, distribution boards have been installed in the initial construction phase of homes, seamlessly embedded within the structure. However, the surge in renewable energy installations and backup power systems necessitates a paradigm shift in installation techniques.

Retrofitting distribution boards requires innovative solutions to cater to these evolving demands. Enter ALL-DB, a meticulously crafted response to the challenges posed by retrofitting power distribution in existing homes.

Safety is an unwavering priority in any electrical installation. The conventional distribution boards, snugly nestled within walls, benefit from the insulation and protection offered by surrounding brick and mortar. However, surface-mounted DBs constructed from conductive materials pose potential shock hazards. Furthermore, using plastic materials in distribution boards introduces a heightened risk of fire hazards.

Strategic choice of material eliminates need to compromise between safety and practicality

ALL-DB’s transformative edge lies in its adoption of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP), a robust thermoset material celebrated for its superior insulation and flame-resistant properties.

This strategic choice of material eliminates the need to compromise between safety and practicality, ensuring installations are both secure and durable. This preference for GRP has been validated and endorsed by leading commercial solar farms, where it is widely favoured for combiner boxes due to its proven reliability.

Direct Current (DC) installations, distinct from traditional AC systems, introduce unique characteristics. The challenge of detecting DC arcing, which can lead to prolonged, potentially hazardous conditions if fueled by flammable materials, is a pressing concern.

The use of plastic, prevalent in households, can inadvertently become a fuel source in such scenarios. By embracing GRP for its ALL-DB range, Allbro effectively mitigates this risk, delivering homeowners an unequivocally safer solution.

Another groundbreaking aspect of the ALL-DB range is its minimal depth, a departure from the bulkier designs of yesteryears. While depth is a non-issue for construction-phase installations, retrofitting demands a more streamlined approach. ALL-DB’s design innovation reduces the bulkiness of the installation, enhancing the aesthetics and practicality of the DBs.

Elegant cable entry system

Cable access, a pivotal consideration in any electrical installation, has also been revolutionised by Allbro’s design prowess. The new A-DB range features an elegant cable entry system at the backplane, eliminating the struggle associated with looping cables at varying distances from the wall. This innovation ensures tidy installations, enhancing the visual appeal of home power setups.

ALL-DB is more than just a product; it’s a testament to Allbro’s unwavering commitment to local excellence and sustainability. With much of the technology used in solar installations imported, ALL-DB stands as a beacon of local ingenuity.

Designed, moulded, and manufactured in South Africa, these distribution boards reflect the nation’s growing prowess in the field. Every step of the production process, from tooling and material formulation to assembly and packaging, is a testament to the power of local production and innovation.

In the context of broader energy challenges and rural electrification efforts across the continent, ALL-DB positions Allbro as a key player in reshaping power distribution.

Its innovative approach, encompassing material advancements, design elegance, and local production, marks a pivotal step towards empowering homes with sustainable and secure energy solutions.

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