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Building and renovating should be fun and exciting as you work towards realising your dream home. But it is often stressful, costly and time consuming, especially if you end up working with the wrong people or products. Often a seemingly simple installation – such as a deck or stairs, or a shady pergola for your outdoor patio – can turn your dream into a nightmare.

An experienced contractor can save you a lot of hassles and unnecessary expense, helping to finish your project on time and on budget. A professional contractor will be able to recommend suitable products that will meet your expectations, as well as satisfy local building regulations and safety standards that you may not be aware of.

Fortunately, Eva-Last’s extensive range of composite decking, railing, architectural beams, cladding, fencing and flooring are designed to give you all the looks without the worries, increasing your contractor’s productivity and saving you time due to their low-maintenance convenience.

Guaranteed to enhance your environment, Eva-Last’s gorgeous wood-look composite building products feature the latest material advancements coupled with thoughtfully engineered components to ensure complete satisfaction.

Here are a few important tips to consider when selecting a professional contractor and suitable products for your next project to ensure maximum productivity and peace of mind:

  1. Expertise

Since time is money, and if DIY may not be your thing, your efforts could be better spent on other activities. Hire a professional with the relevant expertise and qualifications to do the job. Various contractors specialise in specific areas of work so be sure yours is relevant to the task at hand. Ensure he is registered or licensed with the local authorities and conforms to important state standards and obtains the necessary permits to complete work on your project. Check whether they have insurance to protect you against defaults, poor workmanship, liability to suppliers for materials, labour, and sub-contractors, as well as for injury during installation.

  • Experience

Recommendations or reviews from satisfied customers or a portfolio of past projects will go a long way in helping you select which professional to engage. Not only will the portfolio provide additional inspiration, but an experienced contractor will also advise you accurately on the scope of work and realistic time and cost implications of your proposed project based on their experience. Check their references and understand the restrictions or risks involved with your job and consider the different recommendations of various consultants carefully before you make a decision.

  • Estimates

Obtain a written quote or cost estimate with detailed material quantities and a delivery schedule for you to budget and plan accordingly. Understand exactly how and where costs are to be incurred with a realistic timeline for completion. The terms of payment, detailing whether they or you will pay suppliers directly, as well as any guarantees on workmanship and materials, and any waivers in the event of defaults or warranty claims should be clearly spelled out. Don’t necessarily opt for the cheapest quotation without understanding the differences between the products proposed, and service delivery levels.

  • Evaluate Materials

A reputable contractor will be able to make professional recommendations on suitable products and materials that match your project’s specifications – and meet all the necessary safety requirements. They should be informed and knowledgeable on the latest developments and municipal by-laws in construction and construction materials and be able to explain the pros and cons of the proposed materials for you to evaluate their estimates. Factors to consider include cost, appearance and performance characteristics or limitations (such as weight or load-bearing capabilities and joist spans), ease of installation, eco-friendliness and environmental credentials, durability and warranties as well as long-term cleaning and maintenance.

Composite materials from Eva-Last are specifically engineered to outperform natural wood, offering all the natural beauty and texture of timber without the constant upkeep.

Made from easily replenishable raw materials such as bamboo fibres and recycled plastics combined, Eva-Last’s authentic wood-look composites offer beautiful textured finishes coupled with supreme low-maintenance. The inorganic nature of the plastic content provides pest-, weather- and UV-resistance, while their advanced products and designs add versatility and convenience for easy installation and maintenance.

Across various regions, Eva-Last consults its contractors and builders to continually improve its product ranges to help increase productivity, user-friendliness, and durability.

Eva-Last’s expansive array of building product innovations extends beyond traditional offerings, continually evolving to enhance offerings such as decking, fasteners, railing, screening, fencing and cladding. The most recent advancement in the decking product line-up includes:

Pioneer: A reinforced bamboo foamed-PVC composite which employs photorealistic print technology to create the most natural looking composite finish available in the Eva-Last range. Together with its glass fiber-reinforced core, Pioneer accommodates extended span requirements, requiring fewer sub-structural supports. What’s more, the advanced board composition equates to a reduction in the board’s expansion and contraction, resulting in a flawless finish, while the sophisticated wear layer protects against fading, scratches, moisture and stains offering uncompromised long-term performance.

Be sure to ask your contractor to include Eva-Last’s advanced alternatives for your next building project.

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