Case study: Versatility at farm camp

by Media Xpose

On Jindilli Farm, just outside Hazyview in Mpumalanga, lies the beautiful Jindilli Campsite. Nestled against and overlooking a 15ha private irrigation dam complete with a bird-nesting island, it was named  after the macadamia flower blossoming across the farm on which the trees are grown.

Architect, Hermann Schnepel, was tasked by Jindilli Farm to conceptualise and design a campsite that would accommodate two families for weekend getaways. The essence of the plan was to provide minimalistic essential support services for camping, without trespassing on the natural beauty of the surrounding farm.

The breath-taking view across the water to the bird island needed to be preserved as the scenic backdrop to the camp. The sub-tropical climate in this region is conducive to outdoor living, so another objective was to create a seamless transition from being under an open-plan style of cover one moment, to stepping out into the great outdoors the next. To ensure the optimal use of space, the supporting structures would include a boma with outer stairs, a flat paved area to accommodate two tents, and a separate site for the lounge, kitchen and dining facilities.

Two different concrete mixes were required for the project

Following the approval of the architect’s final design, it was deemed that two different concrete mixes were required for the project. A standard 25mpa concrete would be used for thefoundations and 30mpa concrete for the polished concrete floor. Edge Readymix Concrete was chosen as the preferred concrete supplier. Edge Readymix, based in Hazyview, is owned and managed by Andrew Solomon and Trudie Heinemann, who together have over 30 years’ experience in the ready-mix industry. Edge Readymix was established in September 2020 on the Vuka Crushers site 8km outside of Hazyview.

Edge Readymix has been doing business with Sika since its inception and together have developed a concrete product range that not only supplies ready-mix concrete of any class for any requirement but also pre-bagged concrete and mortars for small requirements.

For the polished concrete floor, numerous trials were done to find the most desirable polished finish and efficient concrete mix. Special consideration was given to the amount of time a contractor would need to place the concrete, and certain traits of the concrete mix had to be assessed: flow rate, setting time, stripping times, placing methods, and durability of the concrete in the specific types of conditions on site at the time.

Ingwe Floors, a contractor based in Nelspruit, were known as the local experts on flooring. Armed with polished samples created in advance, they were engaged to assist with placing and polishing the concrete at Jindilli Campsite.

The first morning on site was very warm and humid. Given that the conditions directly affect the workability retention of the concrete, delays in the placing were anticipated. Darius Herbst, the company’s concrete expert, was immediately consulted for guidance on adapting the concrete mix design. Edge Readymix used SikaPlast® Stallion-2 admixture for all their concrete mixes, which proved to be the correct choice for this project.

SikaPlast® Stallion-2 is a multi-purpose water reducer and superplasticizer, with long-lasting workability, and it uses Sika’s ViscoCrete® polycarboxylate polymer technology. A huge advantage that SikaPlast® Stallion-2 provided on this project was that the mix ratio could be changed to deliver the concrete 5km away or 80km away, depending on the workability retention required.

Inside meets outside, open meets covered, concrete meets grass, people meet friends. The brief was exceeded. The gem, created on this stunning, tranquil site, is enhanced by the Jindilli flowers in full bloom.


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