3 Reasons Why BlackBrick is Africa’s Must-Visit Aparthotel Network

by Tia

For modern travellers seeking unparalleled experiences, BlackBrick shines as Africa’s premier apartment hotel network. Since its establishment in 2019, BlackBrick has swiftly become the continent’s fastest-growing network of apartment hotels, offering an innovative aparthotel concept that meets the diverse needs of today’s explorers. With stunning hotels in Sandton and Bedfordview, Johannesburg, and Foreshore, Cape Town, BlackBrick is rapidly expanding its reach. Upcoming locations in Gardens (Cape Town) in February 2025 and Umhlanga (Durban) in December 2025 will cement its national presence. Ambitious plans to grow to over 120 hotels globally are underway, with local partners in Atlanta, New York, and Mexico City scouting new locations. By seamlessly blending the comforts of home with the luxury and convenience of a hotel experience, BlackBrick is a must-visit destination for the modern traveller. 

Here are three things that make BlackBrick unique:

Recycling Empty Office Buildings into a New Type of African Hotel

Committed to environmental stewardship, BlackBrick embraces a circular economy model, with the entire building crafted from recycled materials. This approach not only minimizes environmental impact but also resonates with eco-conscious consumers, with 70% of travellers expressing a preference for sustainable accommodations. The recently opened BlackBrick Bedford embodies this dedication to innovation and sustainability, transforming the former Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) head office into a dynamic new apartment hotel through adaptive reuse – a true testament to BlackBrick’s ability to repurpose spaces into extraordinary environments.

Growthpoint Properties (JSE: GRT) took the lead as the primary developer, leveraging its cross-sector development expertise for the R200m residential conversion project. This initiative was undertaken in a joint venture with Setso Property Fund (49%) and in collaboration with BlackBrick Hotels, presenting a ground-breaking solution to the surplus of office space in the market and the scarcity of residential space. 

From Work to Play: BlackBrick’s Ultimate Business & Leisure Fusion!

In recent years, the demand for aparthotels has skyrocketed globally, particularly in the wake of the pandemic and the rise of the digital nomad and remote worker, as travellers prioritize convenience and comfort. BlackBrick has astutely capitalized on this trend by establishing a network of apartment hotels tailored to the requirements of business and leisure travellers.

BlackBrick’s approach to hospitality surpasses the ordinary. Each of their aparthotels offers a unique value proposition by seamlessly blending co-working areas, meeting facilities, and exceptional food and beverage options. Whether it’s the dynamic energy of Johannesburg or the laid-back coastal atmosphere of Cape Town, BlackBrick’s properties are reshaping the fundamental concept of hospitality.

Central to BlackBrick’s ethos is the concept of urban villages – dynamic communities where guests can blend living, working, and leisure. This ethos permeates every facet of their properties, from meticulously curated accommodation to an array of on-site amenities that cater to every conceivable need.

BlackBrick Sandton comprises two stunning buildings situated opposite each other, facilitating seamless movement between the two hotels. Positioned in the bustling heart of Africa’s business hub, these establishments provide a wide variety of accommodation choices, ranging from stylish studio suites to opulent penthouses. With an extensive array of facilities, including over 100 co-working desks, meeting rooms, an auditorium, two signature restaurants, a café, two gyms, and a tranquil meditation garden, BlackBrick Sandton goes beyond mere lodging to offer a complete destination experience.

Meanwhile, BlackBrick Foreshore offers unparalleled access to the city’s premier attractions, including the iconic Cape Town Convention Centre and the bustling Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. Situated just steps away from these landmarks, guests are ideally positioned to immerse themselves in the vibrant energy of the Mother City.

Expanding its presence in Johannesburg, BlackBrick Bedford welcomed its first guests in May this year, marking a significant milestone as the first hotel to open on the east side of Johannesburg in years. This property proudly offers an ecosystem complete with an extensive array of amenities, including padel tennis, a pool, clubhouse, all-day cafe and deli, co-working spaces, running trails, volleyball court, meeting rooms, Zoom pods, reading lounge, gym, sculpture garden, meditation garden and picnic areas. This diverse range of offerings further solidifies BlackBrick’s influence in the vibrant city of Gold.

Artist Collective: BlackBrick’s Cultural Kaleidoscope

BlackBrick has partnered with artists to bring a taste of South African and global culture to each of their hotels. Murals create a sense of community, brighten up city streets, and uplift neighbourhoods, creating an opportunity for connection. These art elements capture parts of society and add meaning to public spaces, providing a unique identity to each hotel and sparking conversation with guests.

The unique murals in BlackBrick’s two Sandton properties are created by Fhatuwani Mukheli, Sarah Grace, GreyRoom, and Sadie Clayton. These works explore themes from safe spaces and childhood memories to the beauty of nature and the healing power of art.

At the Bedfordview property, artists Naledi Modupi and Jay Carson exhibit their works. Modupi’s art is inspired by the beauty of blackness and aims to inspire confidence in those who see themselves in her work. Carson’s art highlights the connection between purpose, meaning, and nature, conveying a sense of hope and belonging.

BlackBrick Cape Town features works by Farai Samurai, Ian Albertyn, and Christopher MacClements. Samurai’s art explores mental health, the body, and morality through cubism and psychological portraiture. Albertyn’s wooden block art represents human life and the search for one’s place in the world. MacClements, a former architect, uses lines and perspectives to delve into the mind’s inner workings through murals and graffiti.

“Each artist brings a unique perspective to our rooms, opening up a dialogue around the experiences of South Africans and their place within the world. Not only has BlackBrick included one-of-a-kind art pieces to create a sense of community among our guests, but we’re also proudly providing a platform to elevate young South African artists,” says Jonathan Liebmann, co-founder of BlackBrick.

By blending innovative sustainability practices, comprehensive business and leisure amenities, and a rich cultural experience through art, BlackBrick is redefining the hospitality industry. Their unique approach makes them a must-visit destination for modern travellers seeking more than just a place to stay.

For more information, visit BlackBrick Hotels.

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