2023 Calls for a New View  

by Media Xpose

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit. Experts on the subject say that the new energy in play will be more gentle than the period of high energy and unpredictability noticed specifically in South Africa that we had to deal with last year, the Year of the Tiger.

In the Year of the Rabbit, we are advised to take time out for introspection and reflection, as the rabbit is symbolically linked to peace. And Jonathan H.X Lee, an Asian Studies professor from San Francisco, advises that “people should behave in accordance with this tranquil energy with an intention for long-term success.”

The concepts of tranquillity and long-term success are very much part of the prevailing ethos at Eva-Last, the internationally acclaimed manufacturer of composite building materials. The products themselves have the ultimate aim of tranquillity, relaxation and recreation as their very reason for being, and as for longevity, these composite substitutes for timber in the building materials sector, come with world-leading warranties of up to 30 years in duration.

A new year can definitely inspire a new view on how we approach our lives, and the way we interact with the environment. Creating a quality outdoor living space such as a deck, using Eva-Last bamboo composite, whether as an extension of a patio or an enhancement of a swimming pool area, is certainly a great way to enhance your view and instil a sustainable approach to life.

Constructing the ideal outdoor space or deck is no small undertaking and your vision should be backed up with plenty of research into the subject. Endeavouring to continuously inspire beautiful, functional outdoor living that is guaranteed to last, using Eva-Last composite building materials accommodates an extensive range of applications, meaning there are almost no limitations to the possibilities of your vision. And with practical how-to guides and efficient aftersales support, no matter the application, you’ll find the ideal solution in Eva-Last’s range of composite. 

According to Chinese lore, the rabbit has intellect and cautiousness at the core of its being. “Measure twice, cut once”, is an old saying that is used by traditional craftsmen, applicable to working with various materials. And it may well apply as a general outlook into 2023.

Once you’ve done research on which composite building materials to use to turn your outdoor vision into reality, you’ll clearly understand why Eva-Last is the leader in this space. 

With the versatility and durability of all Eva-Last composite products, available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, in a range of profiles to cater for any specific requirements, be it ease of installation, aesthetic appeal, safety, sustainability or cost-efficiency, each offering is engineered to be the most effective solution available in the market. 

As a low maintenance and highly durable material, there are certainly many reasons to consider using a bamboo-composite product for your new outdoor project, perhaps the most significant being it’s sustainability. It is a fact that by using any of the Eva-Last ranges – Apex, Infinity or Eva-Tech, available in South Africa, you will be playing a big role in curbing deforestation on the planet. Eva-Last proudly acknowledges how many trees it saves with a live tree counter located on the company’s website.

It’s calculated that it takes 20 years for timber plantations to rejuvenate after harvesting, whereas for bamboo that replenishment period is just four years.

What’s more, the polymer used in Eva-Last composite is sourced from recycled plastic waste products, which means by using Eva-Last composite for your project, you are again playing a major role in making our global environment sustainable.

Another huge consideration as far as sustainability is concerned is the fact that Eva-Last composite boards have a much longer life span than traditional timber, not having to use harmful chemicals for timber preservation and preserving natural resources from being used in the inevitable cycle of replacing the timber.  

With the brand’s global success over the last 17 years, bringing to market sustainable and highly efficient composite building materials, all which come standard with industry leading warranties, you’ll find ultimate peace-of-mind as you contemplate life from a lounger, enjoying a new approach in the Year of the Rabbit, with an untrammelled New View.

For more information visit www.eva-last.com

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