Trending Modern Mosaic Profiles: Cube 3D, Chevron and Punkah

by Tia

Douglas Jones Mosaics is excited to present the latest trends in modern mosaic profiles. As trends evolve, these unique and captivating designs are leading the way in home and commercial interior décor. This blog highlights three standout ranges: Cube 3D, Chevron and Punkah. Each profile brings a distinct style and unparalleled elegance, making them perfect for various applications.

Cube 3D

The Cube 3D mosaic profile is a game-changer in ceramic tile design. This range is crafted to create a stunning 3D box effect, adding depth and intrigue to any space. Perfect for feature walls, kitchen backsplashes and low-traffic floor applications, Cube 3D mosaics are also suitable for wet areas, making them incredibly versatile.

Each sheet measures 266x305mm, with 12.5 sheets required per square meter. These porcelain tiles come in four colours and two mix variations, allowing for a wide array of design possibilities. The visual impact of Cube 3D mosaics is both bold and sophisticated, ensuring that any installation becomes a focal point in the room. For those looking to make a statement with their interiors, Cube 3D is an excellent choice.

To explore the entire Cube 3D range, visit


Chevron mosaics are another trending profile that combines elegance and functionality. Inspired by the iconic road chevron pattern, this porcelain tile range is available in four gloss and two matt colours. The matt colours are particularly well-suited for shower floors, while the gloss options shine on indoor walls.

The sheets measure 289x303x5mm, with 11 interlocking sheets per square meter, making installation seamless and precise. Chevron tiles exude style and sophistication, turning heads and making a chic statement in any setting. Whether used for a stylish kitchen backsplash or a refined bathroom feature wall, Chevron mosaics are a versatile choice that enhances the aesthetic appeal of interiors.

Explore the full Chevron range at


Inspired by the 6th century BC fan profile, the Punkah collection offers a beautiful range of natural stone mosaics. This profile takes advantage of the contemporary trend for polished natural stone, providing a timeless and elegant finish. The Punkah range includes six stunning colours, making it ideal for both wet and dry areas.

Natural stone ensures durability and a luxurious appearance, making a bold statement in any application. Whether you’re looking to enhance a bathroom, kitchen, or any other space, Punkah mosaics provide a touch of historic elegance combined with modern style.

Discover the entire Punkah collection at

Douglas Jones Mosaics continues to innovate with modern and stylish mosaic profiles like Cube 3D, Chevron and Punkah. Each of these ranges offers unique designs and versatile applications, ensuring that there’s a perfect mosaic for every project. Whether you’re aiming for a bold, three-dimensional effect, a chic and sophisticated chevron pattern, or the timeless elegance of natural stone, these trending mosaic profiles will elevate your interior design.

Explore these ranges and more at Douglas Jones Mosaics to find the perfect tiles for your next project.

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