Incanda furniture is an iconic, South African based furniture manufacturer. 

by Maurisha

Our company had humble beginnings.  It was started 22 years ago by the owner, Gerhard van Deventer, originally as a couch factory.

The very first couch was produced in a single garage. Looking back, we were at the right place at the right time as the public immediately fell in love with our products.  The business grew rapidly and within the first year we were manufacturing approximately 20 couches a week.  Subsequently Gerhard decided to expand the product range, which led to a variety of items such as dining room chairs, occasional chairs, ottomans, and sleeper couches.  A while later we bought a woodwork factory and injected a full range of solid wood furniture into our offering, ranging from dining room tables, side tables and servers, to wine racks, bookshelves and office desks.  Today Incanda has a national footprint with shops in the Western Cape and in Gauteng.  By employing 220 people, we do our part to combat South Africa’s unemployment problem.

Incanda furniture can easily be distinguished from our competition.  Firstly, we build extremely sturdy products, while we pride ourselves in our quality.  We will never even consider concepts such as flatpack furniture or mass machine-produced items.  We still give you a handmade product, every item representing many labour hours. 

Secondly, our raw materials differ from the run-of-the-mill imported product.  We use natural full-grain leather for our couches.  Full-grain leather refers to leather in its natural state that has not been altered in any way to get rid of marks, scratches and blemishes.  So, once we educate our clients on the naturalness of our leather, they understand that the marks and scratches on the leather are actual signs of quality.  The advantage of full-grain leather is that it retains all its natural properties, for instance the ability to breathe and not becoming sweaty when sitting on it.

When building our wooden furniture, we only use solid wood such as Blackwood or Oak.  As with our full-grain leather, we also do not try to remove every imperfection from our wood.  Therefore, clients might still see knots in the wooden furniture.  This also reduces the waste percentage, as we don’t have to cut those knotty pieces away, consequently making it more environmentally friendly.

Apart from supplying high quality products, we are also very serious about our after-sales service.  Mistakes will always be made, but the way in which we handle a complaint is the important part.  We have a unique guarantee on our furniture:  We don’t provide a fixed number of years as guarantee, but rather claim that whenever you have a problem, you should please contact us and we will handle your query fairly.  If the problem occurs in the first few months after your purchase, we will most probably just fix it without asking any questions. But should you return your item 10 or more years after your purchase, we will still fix it, but will probably charge a fee.

So, why do you need to buy Incanda?  You will receive high quality, locally manufactured furniture, made from natural products. You will also receive exceptional service.  Please visit one of our seven showrooms and let us help you in creating the perfect home for you.  Incanda – your choice.

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