Building a pool? Consider these tips

By Josh Maraney, Photos Robin Schultz

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Any house might benefit tremendously from the installation of a brand-new swimming pool. It adds a lot of enjoyment to days spent lounging around. It also provides you with the opportunity to broaden your fitness regimen by incorporating swimming, which will increase the cardio benefits you receive from the activity, advises Cosmo Pools.

If you own your own swimming pool, you can enjoy quality time with your family in your own backyard on any day of the week, in addition to hosting weekend get-togethers with friends. As you get started on your new project, keep in mind that constructing a pool requires knowledge of a number of key aspects, all of which will be discussed in this article.

To ensure that the finished product is everything you hoped it would be, you should, as with any significant undertaking, do your research in advance and collaborate with a reliable expert.

With a pool, you can maximize the use of the space in your backyard and enjoy more time outside, where you can bask in the sun, get plenty of exercise, and breathe clean air. If you want to end up with a pool that looks wonderful, merges nicely with the environment, and provides your home with an entirely new level of entertainment and fun, careful planning is the key to getting there.

Positioning the pool

The positioning of your swimming pool should be one of the first things you give some thought to. In an ideal world, you’ll have a section of your garden that is solely devoted to your swimming pool, complete with its own decking, lounge chairs, and other special touches, such as a fountain or an outdoor fireplace.

However, if your outdoor space is small, it’s acceptable that you install a moderately sized spa or a lap pool, because there won’t be space for anything else. Regardless of the erf size, there are creative solutions available that may be used to construct the ideal pool.

Your pool area’s maximum possible size is going to be determined in large part by the dimensions of your land as a whole. The sloping nature of the garden can also have an impact. You can make the most of this natural feature by installing something like an infinity pool on a slope that is a part of your garden, for instance.

You can make use of the larger areas on your property if you discover that the size of your backyard is inadequate but that you have plenty of room elsewhere on your land. An experienced pool builder can create ways to not only build a pool in your front yard but also make it your private oasis by skillfully using deck covers, foliage, stonework, partitions, and many other elements for a space that is both beautiful and secluded. This can be accomplished by creating a space that is both beautiful and private.

Pool variety

When you have a decent idea of the size of the pool that will fit in your garden, you can move on to researching the many kinds of pools available.

The following are merely some of the possibilities available to you:

  • Pool dug into the ground
  • Pool built above ground level
  • Pool with an infinity edge
  • Lap pool

Feature it!

Because the design of your pool decking will contribute to the overall appearance of your garden, it is just as vital to select the appropriate materials as it is to select the sort of pool you will have installed. 

Here are some ideas to consider, suggests Cosmo Pools (

  • Outdoor communal gathering places
  • Outdoor kitchens, braais and pizza ovens
  • Various types of fountains and other water features 
  • Fireplaces & fire pits
  • Lighting that is both interactive and evocative
  • Lounge places around the pool 
  • A hydrotherapeutic splashpool that is heated

Consider also the hardscaping:

  • Aesthetically pleasing hardscape features, such as walkways and bridges
  • Landscaping that flows into the vicinity of the swimming pool

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