Drills, drills and those holes we need

By Digby Wesson, Diggers DIY

by Media Xpose

📷by Alpen Austria 🖊By Digby Wesson, Diggers DIY

Selecting the correct drill bits for the job is crucial. Using the incorrect drill bit is dangerous and will damage the bit, say the experts.

It’s also not easy to select the correct drill bit, especially when drilling into metals. To avoid this problem, ask the experts.

Being a DIYer for the past 50 years, I have set myself up with a huge tool collection to do every DIY job, but only after years of never having the right tool for the job. Drills and drill bits are important and used for most DIY jobs, so I surrounded myself with a broad range of the best drilling machines, in fact far too many for any one DIYer. This was mainly due to the innovative technology for the cordless, and electric drills and my addiction for power drills. If something new came out I would have to have it. I also researched all the brands and did several courses on drills and more importantly, drill bits.

Having the right drill bits is very important 

The problem is having a vast range of fancy drills is not the most important part of drilling, as I learnt many years ago. Having the right drill bits is far more important. Ten years ago, I was introduced to Alpen and this is when I was amazed at what was available in the way of specialist drill bits.

I invested in a large range of the best drill bits, as well as a selection of specialist bits to drill into almost every type of material. I also invested in a top of the range drill bit sharpener, the Drill Doctor 700, after being told this was the only drill sharpener accepted and approved by the experts.

Recently, I was drilling into some metal tops for my ground light covers, selecting my best Alpen high speed metal bits, using the right speed, and the best drilling fluid, and starting with a smaller bit. Even after changing drills I hardly made any progress. So, I called the tool expert at Vermont Sales and an Alpen drill bit guru said I should try the Alpen Profi MultiCut as they have tungsten carbide tips and are multi-purpose bits. Using the drill fluid and the Alpen Profi MultiCut bits, the drilling was like drilling into butter!

Extremely versatile and perfect for precise problem drilling

The Alpen Profi MultiCut Tungsten Carbide Multi-Purpose Red bits are truly remarkable. A set of these is certainly a must for every DIYer, workshop and the service industry as they are extremely versatile and perfect for precise problem drilling. They will drill into any material, be it tiles, natural stone, metal, wood, granite, concrete, and plastics. They are diamond ground with an ultra-sharp tungsten carbide tip suited for the toughest metal. They also have a patented 4-step profile. The bits and bit sets are available in various lengths up to 400mm, as well as a selection of shanks, cylindrical, 1/4″ hexagonal and SDS-plus.

All Alpen drill bits are also approved by the PGM international mark that has been established worldwide as a mark of safety and quality for hammer drill bits (SDS drill bits) and rotary/percussion drill bits. The PGM mark is granted to manufacturers only.

Drilling tips and valuable information

  • Never put huge pressure behind the power drill; let the drill bit do the work. Do not force the power tool.
  • Selecting the right drill bit for the material you are drilling is key.
  • If the drill bit is sticking it could be that there is too much weight behind the drill. You can also use a drilling fluid.
  • Check your drill bit is not blunt.
  • Invest in a drill sizing template for drilling and sizing drill bits, screws and bolts.
  • Drilling smaller pilot holes is a clever idea.
  • Use a tile bit to start drilling into tiles and place masking tape on all the marks.

Selecting the correct power drill is important and there is a massive selection available. Select a power drill that has it all; normal drilling, hammer action, the latest battery technology if you go cordless, and a well-known brand.

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