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Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) is delighted to announce the addition of seven new members who have joined the association representing the local vinyls industry during the last few months.

Monique Holtzhausen, CEO of SAVA, expressed her enthusiasm regarding the new members, stating: “We have set the objective for ourselves at the beginning of 2022 to be the most desirable PVC industry association in the world in the next 10 years.  To this end, we restructured our membership model and funding fee in order to make it as affordable as possible for all role-players in the local vinyl industry to join us”.

During the last few months, the following companies have signed up with SAVA:

  • Arengo Plastics: Is a manufacture of rigid PVC rolls, rigid PVC sheets, thermoformed blister packaging, die-cut packaging, cooling tower fill media, and water treatment fill.
  • Deltatecnic: Is a masterbatch manufacturing leader. They are a customer-focused firm that works with commercial and operational excellence to provide high-quality products and innovative solutions.
  • Mo’s Crib: is a maker of home decor basics that provides high-end, functional, and naturally inspired home décor items for indoor and outdoor storage needs. They specialise in washing baskets made from recycled PVC pipes.
  • P.E.S.C Laboratory: As an independent testing and research laboratory with extensive experience in vinyl materials, P.E.S.C Laboratory’s inclusion will play a significant role in ensuring product quality, safety, and innovation in the industry.
  • TEB Holdings: A diversified company with interests in various sectors, TEB Holdings brings a unique perspective to the vinyl industry.
  • Vinyl Council of Australia: SAVA is excited to welcome an international partner in the Vinyl Council of Australia. Their global experience and commitment to sustainability align perfectly with SAVA’s objectives, fostering collaboration on a global scale.

“SAVA is not just an industry association, but a community of like-minded organisations striving to create a sustainable, innovative, and responsible vinyl industry. Each of our members contributes to the ongoing growth and future success, by bringing diverse expertise, creativity and fresh perspectives to the table. These new members are a testament to our mission of creating a dynamic and innovative industry. Their participation and support will be instrumental in achieving the goals of sustainability, innovation and collaboration that SAVA stands for,” Monique concludes.

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