Creative construction using Eva-Last composites

by Media Xpose

The look of wood is highly appealing, and as a result wood and timber have been used as a building material for centuries. Unfortunately, natural wood is not the most durable building material for long-term usage. Fortunately, however, material technology has advanced to such an extent and Eva-Last prides itself on the strides it has made in developing new composite products that mimic the look of wood without any of its disadvantages.

Eva-Last’s range of advanced composite building products is engineered to outperform wood in terms of maintenance, weight and durability. Best of all, they are designed to emulate the grain, subtle colour variations and typical textures of timber.

In addition to continued advancements in product development and range offering, the company spends a great deal of time looking beyond conventional construction to find creative uses for our versatile composite products.

Decks, jetties, piers, and platforms

When it comes to decks, jetties, piers, and platforms the weather-resistant and waterproof properties of composites in any of Eva-Last’s ranges, be it Apex Plus, Infinity or Eva-tech are ideal for decking large or small outdoor areas that will be exposed to the elements.

They are an excellent alternative to concrete or ceramics, their extruded bamboo fibre and recycled plastic composition create a colourfast, UV-resistant surface that’s not sensitive to water damage, discolouration, or degradation and is slip resistant.

Wall cladding

The authentic wood-look characteristics of Eva-Last’s VistaClad wall cladding provide the ideal exterior for any building or outdoor storage. The embossed texture and authentic wooden colours are created by extruding recycled plastic together with eco-friendly bamboo fibres with added UV stabilisers, ensuring outdoor structures won’t fade or crack in the harsh African sun, or be affected by cold winters.

This versatile cladding solution can also be retrofitted onto an existing structure thanks to the unique clip strip system that accompanies this cladding solution.

Lightweight aluminium beams

When it comes to protection from the sun and wind or simply to create some privacy, Lifespan’s lightweight aluminium composite beams can be used to create privacy or decorative screens, pergolas, and sunshades.

In a variety of profile sizes, Lifespan beams are ideal for mounting overhead or elevated at height outside windows and facades for dramatic patterned accents. Along with their versatile nature, these decorative composite beams are not only beautiful and easy to install but are also easy to clean compliments of their protective capping.

composite boards deliver flexibility and durability

Eva-Lasts range of composite boards deliver in terms of flexibility and durability and depending on the colour selected, can provide a cool, comfortable surface to sit.

As more and more designers and architects come to appreciate the superior wear characteristics and versatility of bamboo composites, we relish the fact that we are fast becoming the leading advanced building materials supplier in the market, globally.

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