The Benefits and Beauty of Building with Composites

by Tia

Who has the time, or money, for pesky problems such as outdoor building maintenance like painting, or refurbishing and replacing wooden structures?

More and more smart people are discovering the beauty and benefits of building with composites.

The ingenuity of composites combines the positive physical properties of different compounds – organic or inorganic – to make life easier and better.

Properties such as heat and thermal stability, decreased flammability, structural flexibility or elasticity or pest prevention – are all factors that can be engineered into an enhanced product offering.

Various inherent advantages in the component compounds are combined into composites to offer savvy consumers lower maintenance and degradation, improved biodegradability with the added benefit of reduced consumption of natural resources. And the rate at which composites are evolving and becoming a favourable choice is astounding! 

The inherent strength and structural stability of bamboo fibre, with its natural resistance to moisture, act as deterrents against degradation such as mould and rot. When combined with high-performance recyclable polymers, Eva-Last products not only resist degradation but also provide enhanced density, strength, durability, and elasticity.

Eva-Last’s bamboo composite, a modern marvel, offers an attractive alternative to real wood, outperforming their traditional counterparts in terms of superior performance and sustainability. That alone justifies the investment. Consider their lower long-term maintenance costs, extended lifespan due to increased weather and pest-resistance, and colourfast properties, together with an array of natural shades and patterns on offer, and you wonder why no-one had thought of them sooner.

“Necessity is the Mother of all Invention”

It’s never been easier to add stylish comfort and convenience to your life than with the advanced composite building materials from Eva-Last. Their extensive range of composite decking, cladding, fencing, architectural beams, and flooring offer the very latest in material technologies, featuring innovative compounds specifically engineered for ease of use.

Developed for enhanced wear characteristics and user-friendliness, Eva-Last composites also address the pressing environmental concerns of deforestation, pollution and carbon emissions that threaten our very survival.

These composites transform recycled plastic and eco-friendly bamboo fibres into beautiful bamboo plastic composites (BPC), providing attractive alternatives with reduced input and maintenance costs, low environmental impact, and enhanced durability.

What’s more, Eva-Last’s 44 000 KWh of solar-power installed at the factory contributes towards producing over eleven different eco-friendly composite building products for distribution in over 30 countries around the world.

Not only do these modern Eva-Last composite products enhance the environment and make living with them a pleasure, but they also protect the natural one, reducing the requirement for scarce natural resources such as timber.

What’s not to love?

Opt for the latest and greatest building materials that modern manufacturing and technology has to offer.

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