Pocket hole jigs

by Justin

A pocket hole jig is the most innovative tool used to join wood, writes Diggers DIY, and his personal favourite, the Kreg pocket jig (www.kregtool.com) can help you drill what are known as pocket holes using a drill and one of the many Kreg pocket hole jigs available. Our intrepid DIY writer explains …

The bond is stronger

Pocket holes allow screws to be inserted at an angle. The screws run along the grain of the wood rather than through it, the joint is much stronger, perfectly accurate and far more secure. There are several options available for these jigs, starting with the small units plus the larger Kreg K3, K4, K5 and three recently launched new models the 750, 750 Pro and the 520.

All you need

 To manage any joining project all you need is the Kreg Jig, the Kreg’s special clamps and screws and any drill, be it  electric or cordless, already in your workshop..

The Kreg pocket hole wood joining jigs are one of the more recent wood joining systems to enter the market. Today, it is the most innovative technically advanced joining system ever to be introduced. This is due to it being the easiest, less complicated, far quicker product to use for all types of wood joinery, for beginners and professionals. It is also the most affordable system available and is perfectly accurate, supplying the strongest joint ever and it does not require any gluing.

What is a pocket hole jig

Pocket hole joinery, or pocket screw joinery, involves drilling a hole at an angle — usually 15 degrees — into one workpiece, and then joining it to a second workpiece with a self-tapping screw. It is simply a hole drilled at an angle that forms a pocket for the screw. What makes it precise is the design of the pocket hole jig that guides the drill bit into the wood at a specific angle to produce an engineered hole to house the screw head.

And that is where the jig comes in useful.

Hot tip

Visit the Kreg website for information about choosing the correct screws for this job. See www.kregtool.com/screws for this guide. To buy a Kreg Pocket Jig or any other useful tool, as distributed by Vermont Sales,  simply go to your favourite hardware store.

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