Italian retro style bathrooms

by Media Xpose

Furnishing a bathroom in a retro style is not only a current trend, but also a specific choice of uniqueness and aesthetic quality, says the manufacturer of the Sbordoni range, fresh from Italy.

A well thought out retro bathroom is a reliable and top-rate style which due to its vintage has no further geographical or time limits. So, recall the atmosphere of wonderful years and populate your bathroom with luxurious shining details and precious metals.

The bathtub – the undisputed queen!

In a retro style bathroom, the bathtub is the element which best represents the atmosphere of and the taste for the past and therefore is a real must.

The pictured bathtubs are distinguished by their soft and rounded forms, by their harmonious and perfect dimensions: their classic shaped feet in the form of lion’s paws and the botanic details improve a unique style, but they are also suitable for an important customisation which allows anyone to choose the finish that best matches with the accessories of one’s bathroom as well as with bathroom fittings.

As far as the chosen materials are concerned, Sbordoni says it adds a new innovative material, the solid surface,  which is frequently used for design and furniture, but also for bathroom fixtures and bathroom furnishings.  Solid surface is a composite material from natural mineral mixtures and acrylic resins which allows the production of resistant but malleable surfaces.

It is ideal both for flat and curved applications and, by means of manufacturing, it ensures a continuity in terms of forms thus remaining unchanged over the time.

A trending color for this most classic bathtub. This one is inspired by pure classic forms. It is balanced and well-proportioned. Feet are in the form of lion’s paws with floral patterns in semi gloss silver finishing. The bathtub itself is made of cast iron with a white interior and the raw outside made of primer or customizable in various RAL standard colours. Try placing something like this in the middle of a room with a ground drain and fittings, or with a wall drain and the appropriate fittings.  Further info on

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